jeudi 4 octobre 2018

Dio "La France avance, Renault accélère." FINISHED

Hello dear readers,

The Renault FT dio is finally finished. The MK35 and Steelmasters figures were glued on the the base alongside the FT tank. This project was the opportunity for me to build my first scratchbuilt building and also to use a new (to me) weathering technique with the crackling medium.

Here are all the different steps of this project in the chronological order:

Building of the Renault FT part 1
Building of the Renault FT part 2
Building of the Renault FT part 3
Tank officer figure
Renault FT base painting
Renault FT black disruptive lines and postshadowing
Scratchbuilding the garage part 1
Scratchbuilding the garage part 2
Renault FT finished: the weathering
Painting of the garage

I hope you like it. Enjoy the pics and don't forget: you can enlarge the pics just by clicking on them!


4 commentaires:

  1. Awesome dio Thierry, I enjoyed seeing it this weekend and indeed finally meeting you!

    1. THX Pete! Yes I was great to meet you finally :-)
      I realized we didn't even have a beer together... well we'll have to meet again next year then :-)