lundi 12 mars 2012

M151A2 Ford Mutt with M416 Cargo Trailer

Here are some pics of the first projects I made once I started back 3 years ago till now. I plan to show more step by step projects in the future.

First project: Tamyiya's M151A2 Ford Mutt with M416 Cargo Trailer (Vietnam War)

I found this Tamiya kit with in my old teenager's bedroom at my parents' place and couldn't resist gluing all those little pieces together as I used to when I was a kid. At that time I didn't know I would catch the modelling virus back.... One month after I started this project, the 1st Art of Modelling album came out ... naturally I subscribed and became addicted to modelling once again... this is why I decided to buy some vintage Verlinden figures and to build a diorama.

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