dimanche 23 juillet 2017

Belgian Renault ACG1 – Renault ACG1 belge (diorama part 2 - the tank officer)

Hey everyone,

A little update of the dio in progress. I finished the painting of the Belgian tank officer and installed him in the turret of the tank. Its a figure from Blitz Kit that come with the kit when you buy theBelgian version of the Renault ACG1 tank. It was a very brillant idea from Blitz since Belgian soldiers figures are quite hard to fin. Thank you for this Blitz Kit! I hope you'll make other WWI or WWII Belgian vehicules and figures (here are some ideas: Minerva armored car, Latil M2TL6, Brossel TAL, C47, T13 :-)) ! It was entirey painted with acrylics (Lifecolor and Vallejo).

Enjoy the pics!


mardi 11 juillet 2017

Belgian Renault ACG1 – Renault ACG1 belge (diorama part1)

Hey everyone,

Again... a long time without publishing again...
I started working on the dio for the Renault ACG1 tank, I made the paved road and the pavement with foam board and used Miniart accessories and a Diodump building.The Diodump building is a really nice one and needs very little cleaning before assembling and painting. Unfortunately I droped the highest part on the ground and it broke into two big pieces and a bit of dust..... Nevertheless I repared it and managed to put it back together... but it took me some time to make the disgracious joint between both parts disapear because it's made in a kind of ceramic / plaster material. I primed the road and the pavement with Humbrol paint and the hous with Vallejo Primer.The road received then a first acrylic black wash and I painted the house with different Vallejo colors. The next step will be the painting of the different accessories and details, add a variety of different hues to the paved road and weather the house.
Here are some pics of the base and an idea with the tank on it. I will also add 5 figures to the scenery but that's for later.



samedi 1 avril 2017

Belgian Renault ACG1 – Renault ACG1 belge (Finished)

Hey everyone,

I'm glad to write this post because the Belgian  ACG1 is finally finished. I've used some pigments and Mig's "Oil and Grease Stain Mixture" for the last step of the weathering, I've put the Friul tracks on the tank and the tools on the front of the vehicule.

I had some problems with the tracks because I added one more link to each side and finally realized that the sagging was then way too important and not very realistic on this tank... unfortunately... I had already glued these links with CA glue. The only thing I could then do was first to delicately remove the sprocket wheels that were also already glued with CA glue and then use Aceton to unbind one link of each track... much work that shouldn't have happened if I had better thought before gluing the last link of each track. Lesson learned ford the next project: never glue the last Friul link of each track until the tank is completely finished!!!! Anyway, thes tracks are really worth the effort and are a good replacement for the kit's tracks.

Here are the links to all the construction and painting steps of this model:

Introduction Belgian Renault ACG1

Building part 1: suspension and wheels

Bulding part 2: the tracks

Building part 3: the hull

Painting part 1: Black and white technique

Painting part 2: Belgian khaki

Painting part 3: decals, scratches and oil wash

Painting part 4: weathering with oils

Painting part 5: weathering with oils: fading and dust

Here are some pics of te finished model! I now will take care of the figures, the building and the street setting on which the tank will be displayed. Stay tuned!

Comments and constructive criticisms are welcome!