lundi 28 septembre 2015

Simca 5 part 1: The build

I wanted something original to fill the cargo bed of my Mercedes L4500A and during a show a friend of mine (Stank) suggested I should build this tiny car. I immediately thought that it was a brilliant idea and I bought this nice little bug. The build was as usual with Tamiya fast and without any trouble. I only added a few minor details. The only thing I really advise to improve is the soft roof top because I find Tamiya's a bit stiff, bulky and unatural. 

Apart from this, it is really a nice kit that I really recommend to anyone starting in the hobby.

Here are some pics:


dimanche 27 septembre 2015

Mercedes L4500A - part 6 (weathering)

Whoopa! Hello dear readers, it's been a bit more than one year I haven't published anything. The reason is that my wife and I have been really busy in our new (old) house. Last year we sold our appartment and decided to buy a house. Since real estate is quite expensive in Brussels (like in many other European cities), we bought a house that needed some work to reach an acceptable level of confort and energetic efficiency. Since a lot of things needed to be done to reach this, it took me more or less one year to find some spare time and enough room to be able to relax and enjoy the hobby again. I couldn't wait anymore and even if everything is not finished yet in our house I had to work on my models just to make sure I haven't become insane with the mess that have been going on in our life this last year.

Anyway, I took my Mercedes back from the cardboard box in which I left it and finished the weathering by spraying some Tamiya buff paint and by using some pigments and pastel powders mixed with plaster. I also used some Mig Oil and Grease product in the cargo bed of the truck.

Next step: building Tamiya's Simca 5 to fit in the cargo bed of the truck.