mardi 24 décembre 2013

Despicable "Merry Christmas"

Hey dear readers,

I wish you a Merry Christmas with this original Retrokit figure inspired from the movie "Despicable Me".

It's one of the gifts I'm gonna offer to my wife tonight for Christmas but .... chuuuuuut don't tell her... it's a surprise! Don't worry... she never visits my blog   ; )     !!!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY.................MODELLING (of course)!

samedi 14 décembre 2013

Flakvierling 38 - part 6: vignette finished

Hey dear redaers,

As I promised last week, here are the pics of the vignette with the Flakvierling 38 finished. 

It represents a Flakvierling from the the Flak Abteilung of the 5. Fallschirmjäger Division which was send to Normandy to stop the American troops. Since the operation in Crete in 1941, the Fallschirmjägers weren't used in large-scale airdrops anymore. Consequently the fallschirmjägers fought mostly on the ground and were considered as elite troops. In Normandy, they fought bravely and succeeded to slow down the progression of th allied troops. Nevertheless at the end of the campaign many of these men ended up in the "Poche de Falaise" where alsmost the entire 5. Fallschirmjäger Division got trapped and destroyed.

Here are the previous steps of the building and painting of the vignette:
step 1
step 2
step 3
step 4
step 5

After thes steps, I weathered the flak with pigments and some more light oil washes and I made the ground of the dio with wall filler mixed with sand, small pebbles, paint and pastel powders. Once everything was dry I glued dried moss, some grass tufts from Mininatur end some twigs from Joefix on the base. The figure, the flakvierling and the ammo boxes (from Royal Models) were then firmly glued to the base as well as the plate with the name of the vignette.

I brought this little vignette last week to the BSMC 2013 show and it won gold in the category "Military Vehicle" level Advanced.

As always, don't hesitate to leave comments, questions and / or constructive critisisms!



dimanche 8 décembre 2013

BSMC 2013 - Photoreport

Hey dear readers,

Today the BSMC (Belgian Scale Modellers Contest) 2013 took place in Putte. The show was, as always, very well organized. I had a great time with my father in law who spent the whole day with me and it was also a good opportunity to spend some time talking to two other "Blogger" friends: Danny ( and Laurent (

As regards my participation to the contest I brought the two last models I finished: 
- the dio with the H39 ( in the category "Military vehicules in small dioramas" level "Advanced"
- the Flakvierling 38 (I'll post pictures of this one finished soon) in the category "Military Vehicules" level "Advanced"
And... I'm proud to write that both of them won gold this year in their category.

I made a little photoreport in order to share with you some pics of the contest. ENJOY!