jeudi 25 octobre 2018

Belgian T13 type I (part 2): the bogies and the interior of the hull

Hey everyone,

I started working on Retrokit’s T13 that I have presented on this blog before (link to the intro). As I said, the kit is great and the different parts come together quite well BUT there is a lot of cleaning up to do and in my opinion, it’s better to remake the rivets. I started by building the bogies. These are very fragile and must be assembled carefully. I will glue them to the hull at the end of the building to avoid breaking them during the rest of the building process.

I also worked on the interior of the tank and glued the big part at the rear that represents the gas tank and the ammo boxes!!!! ūüė≤ That part is extended to the front of the tank by a separation  between the engine and the fighting compartment. The wooden floor under the turret is made with plastic card as well a second foldable seat in the turret itself. One foldable seat is provided in the kit for one of the crew members next to the driver but Domi from Retrokit informed me that he found out that a second foldable seat was probably located in the turret. Thanks to his documentation we could conclude that this was indeed the case so I scratched one in the turret. As you can see on the pics, I also started to work on the rivets of the interior. Next step: the engine.

Stay tuned, an update will follow this weekend!