dimanche 4 août 2013

Dio "En route pour Dunkerque" - Dio FINISHED (part 4)

Hey everyone (who's not on holliday),

Finally here are some pics of my diminutive dio "En route pour Dunkerque" completely finished. This, about a year and a half after I started to build the first vehicule that makes part of it (the H39). I actually had the idea of this dio when I found Blitz Kit's Peugeot P112 at a show in Ransart at the beginning of the year. The goal that I wanted to achive with this project was to make a really small dio but displaying a scenery that could be seen from all angles (360°) and that could keep the viewer intrested. Therefore I decided not only to focus on the painting and weathering of the vehicles but also on creating, painting and weathering the different elements that make the setting itself. The second goal that I wanted to achieve was to improve on my figure painting skills. Eventhough everything is not 100% perfect, I'm glad with the result and full of energy to start a new project or... maybe I should say... finish two projects that I started and left unfinished but now... let's watch some pics euh... actually many... many pics!

And of course... as always... don't hesitate to leave comments, questions and/or constructive criticisms!