dimanche 14 octobre 2012

Bronco Hotchkiss H39 (part 2)

Hi everyone,

I did some work this week end on the Hotchkiss: I painted the interior and the lower hull + tracks. I painted the lower hull before the rest of the tank because I think it is going to be harder once the upper hull and the mudguards will be glued in place.
Here are some pics:

Happy modelling!

dimanche 7 octobre 2012

Plastic & Steel - IPMS Belgium National Convention 2012 - Photo report (part II)

Hi there!

I just came back from the second day of the Plastic & Steel show in Affligem (Belgium). Unfortunately, none of my three models was awarded  : (      BUT here are some new pics of models that I missed yesterday.

Part I of the photo report can be seen here: http://sizemilitarymodels.blogspot.be/2012/10/photo-report-plastic-steel-2012-ipms.html