dimanche 19 mars 2017

Belgian Renault ACG1 – Renault ACG1 belge (painting part 5: weathering with oils fading and dust)

Hey dear readers,

I made some more progress on the Belgian ACG1. I finished the fading of the Belgian khaki base color and added a first layer of dust by using some more oil paints. I also started the painting of the details (episcopes and straps) and of the Friul tracks.

Here are some pics. I hope you will enjoy them.


lundi 6 mars 2017

Belgian Renault ACG1 – Renault ACG1 belge (painting part 4: beginning of the weathering with oils)

Hey everyone,

I started the weathering of my ACG1 by using oils to bring out some different kinds of shades to the belgian khaki as we can notice on the T13 that is preserved at the MRA of Brussels. At the same time I took advantage of using oils to represent a first light layer of dust on the turret and on the hull and rainmarks on the vertical sides of the hull.

This is the first step the weathering but I'll use some more oils in the next step to highlight some details of the tank by creating more depth.

As usual: comment and constructive criticisms are Always welcome!


mercredi 1 mars 2017

Belgian Renault ACG1 – Renault ACG1 belge (painting part3: decals, scratches and oil wash)

Hey everyone,

I made some small progress on the ACG1. I set the decals with Micro Set and Sol products, I painted the scratches with Vallejo paints and I used a home made raw umber oil wash (Windsor & Newton oil paint + odourless White spirit) around the nuts and bolts and in all the recesses and panel lines of the tank. Next step: using oils to start the weathering.