dimanche 27 octobre 2013

Flakvierling 38 - painting part 3 (pin wash & oils)

Hey everyone,

Here's an update on my progress on the flakvierling. I used Mig's dark wash in the recesses and for the outlining and I opted for oil paints to emphasize the contrast of the modulated dunkelgelb colour. I actually tried to follow Michael Rinaldi's advise on how to use oils to make a model unique. He calls this technique "oil paint rendering" (OPR) and describes it in his great "Tankart" books. I had the chance to attend one of his demo sessions at the KMK Scaleworld show in september and he really made me wanna try it on my models. Eventhough the result on this flakvierling isn't as convincing as on his models I will definetely try to develop these skills on my further projects.
Thanks for sharing your experience Michael!

As always, don't hesitate to leave comments, questions and / or constructive criticisms!

Stay tuned!


mardi 15 octobre 2013

Flakvierling 38 - painting part 2

Hey dear readers,

As I promised, here's a small update. Here's the result after several loooong "chipping" sessions with Vallejo colours.

And... something that has nothing to do with modelling but of which every Belgian citizen is proud: our national soccer team (The Red Devils) are qualified for world cup 2014 in Brazil since last week! RESPECT!



samedi 12 octobre 2013

Flakvierling 38 - Painting part 1

Hello dear readers,

Last week I primed the Flakvierling with Vallejo's black primer and then I used Tamiya's paints to paint it in a slighltly modulated Dunkelgelb color. I also used the "hairspray technique" to let the wooden parts of the footseps show through the paint. I'm currently working on the chipping and after I'll tackle down the paintwork with oil paints!


jeudi 3 octobre 2013

Flakvierling 38 (AFV Club special edition)

Hello dear readers,

It's been along time again since I have published something actually too long...

Anyway... I managed to work on two projects: Zvezda's Mercedes L4500A and AFV Club's Flakvierling 38 special edition. The original idea  was to load Zvezda's Mercedes' cargo with this Flakvierling but after having built the Flakvierling's bed... I noticed it was too large for the Mercedes' cargo bed!!!!!! I was really disappointed because I thought it would look really cool and original to load this big empty bed with this mighty AA gun. After I  got rid of my frustration I decided to finish the Flakvierling first and to represent it straight from the box on a simple base and German Fallschirmjager figure from Mantis Miniatures (but about this later).

This is a "special edition" because 4 brass barrels are included in the box. Detail is very sharp and it also comes with a photoetched fret for the finest parts. I don't recommend this model for a beginner because of these very fine PE parts. Nevertheless I do recommend it to the modeller who wishes to build a nicely detailled model SFTB and who wants to get some practice with PE parts without having to fear facing "fitting" and "hard to bend PE parts" problems. In a few words... I think this kit is a little jewel.

Here are some pics of the model completely built. An update will follow soon with the beginning af the painting process.