samedi 22 décembre 2012

Bronco Hotchkiss H39 (part 5) - tank finished

Hi folks,

I've just finished Bronco's H39. For the weathering, I used oils, pigments, plaster and some thinner. I tried a new technique to me: splashed mud (dry and wet) with the help of an old brush and air projected through my airbrush. Hereunder you will find some pics of the result as well as some close up pics. I plan to build a little dio but I still have to wait until Dragon releases their new set figures in Belgium: French Infantry Sedan 1940

Comments and constructive criticisms are welcome!

Ho yes, I forgot, I also decided to change the head of the tank commander with a Hornet head  in replacement for the original Miniart head. I added some hair under the helmet with putty (curiously there was none...) and I  started to paint the face as well as the typical leather jacket worn by the French tank crew in 1940. Originally I started to paint Miniart's head since I thought it looked OK but I started all over again three times in a row because it looked horrible!!!!!!! I finally realized that Hornet heads are just much better and since I had these I should use them. It is actually much easier to paint faces which are well sculpted and well cast. You can compare this by watching the pics hereunder.

Original Miniart figure:

Miniart figure + Hornet head:




dimanche 16 décembre 2012

DESPICABLE ME: Minion "Bananaaaaaa!!!!!"

Some weeks ago I was searching for a little present for my wife in order to thank her for her patience and support as regards my hobby: modelling. I also wanted this gift to be representative of what I do and something that she could bring at work so that she could think of me while she's watching it. While I was surfing on the net, I saw on Retrokit's website that a new figure was available: a figure representing one of Gru's (Despicable Me) Minion. "Despicable Me" is a 2010 American computer animated 3D comedy film in which the heroe is a wanabe bad ass guy called Gru who's surrounded by "Minions", little yellow evil and not so intelligent characters... 
Here's a link to more info about the movie: Despicable Me movie

Retrokit is a manufacturer who is set in England, the head of Retrokit, Dominique Jadoul, is a really kind Belgian man who left Belgium to live in the UK. Until now they have been producing mainly 1/72 AFV's, airplanes detailing sets and Science fiction figures. One of Dominique's plans is to launch a 1/35 th range dedicated to the Belgian army (WWII and modern models). This year he has already released a model of the Belgian M75 Full Track and a second 1/35th kit will probably be released at the beginning of 2013. Retrokit produces finely moulded and detailed original kits, so if you are interested have a look on their website: Retrokit website

I immediately liked this "Minion" and thought it was a nice gift for my wifey since she's not really fond of the AFV's I usually build... I wonder why... 
I called this one: "Minion Jackson's bananaaaaa!" since I noticed, too late, that the figure only had one glove sculpted while I was painting it.
So for a change, here are some pics of this weird but cute little figure. It's about the height of a 1/35th figure.

Ho... I forgot, here's a video with the story of the bananaaaaaaaa:


dimanche 9 décembre 2012

BSMC 2012: Photo report contest

Hello everyone!

As I promised, you'll find here a photo report of the models which were competition at the BSMC 2012 show.

Enjoy the pics!