lundi 10 juin 2019

Zebra Mehari (Heller 1/24th)

Hey folks,

For a change, a civilian vehicle for once. It's a kit I've built OOTB because it was a kit my father bought and asked me to build for him and to paint it in "zebra". I really didn't enjoy building the kit because many parts are just false, the most obvious are the part in front under the bumper and the front seats. Moreover the rear suspension is too low. Only one mirror is provided but a hole is drilled at each side of the hull..., no transparent lenses are provided for the front lights, the decals are shitty because they don't stick, they break and there's none provided for the dashboard. Once glued, many pieces do fit together but aren't parallel, many ejection marks are present and about 3/4 rd of the pièces need to be cleaned up from flash. Seriously, even if the kit is cheap (about 25,00€ in Belgium) don't buy it and if you really want to build a Mehari, buy the resin Balaton kit. It's about 2,5 times the price of the Heller kit and it's 1/35th but it's probably much more accurate and pleasant to build.

Fortunately for me, I had a bit more fun with the painting but was nevertheless so disappointed with the build that I really just painted it to get it done. Here it is... not my best model and not even fun to build. I think I'll never build another Heller kit in my life.