dimanche 19 mai 2013

Moto Peugeot P112 - Blitz Kit (part 3) - painted and finished

Hello everyone,

Here are the links to the building stages of Blitz Kit's Moto Peugeot P112: part 1 and part 2

I've just finished the painting of the Peugeot P112. I used Vallejo's grey and black primers and after Tamiya paint for the French green colour that I tried to spray according to the so-called "modulation style" making the base colour litte by little a bit lighter on the parts that are the most exposed to the sunlight. The details and chips were painted with Vallejo colours. I used oils and turpentine  for the weathering and washes. Since the kit doesn't come with any decals, I used those that remained from the build of the Chenillette Renault UE seperating each number and the French flag from the original decals and applying them one by one on the plates of the bike in order to follow the shape of the plates.  The speed dial is only a reduced printed picture taken from the net over which I brushed some glossy varnish. To simulate the glass of the headlight I used Vallejo Still Water. Finally I sprayed Tamiya flat earth and used pigments to represent dust and mud.

As always: comments, questions and constructive criticisms are welcome!

This model will be part of a dio with the H39  (H39 finished) and two figures. Next step: painting of the figures.

Enjoy the pics!


mardi 14 mai 2013

For Freedom Museum - pictures

Hello dear readers,

Today I went to the "For Freedom Museum" in Ramskapelle (Knokke-Heist - Belgium) with my grandfather and my father in law. I really advise you to visit this site if you pass near Knokke. This small museum (link to the website of the museum) is really worth a visit and mainly focusses on the liberation of the Belgian coast by the Canadians. Eventhough the museum looks tiny from outside, there are some great 1:1 dioramas and a few impressive vehicules (like a Buffalo tank) in two sheds outside.
Here are som pics, some of them are not of the best quality but most of them had to be taken behind glass windows. I hope you'll enjoy them.