mardi 25 octobre 2016

Diorama: The Cutie and the Beast - part 3: diorama finished

Hello all,

This is my latest dio. I happy I managed to finish this dio because it's been such a long time I haven't finished any model that I couldn't even remember the feeling of satisfaction of finishing a model.

I hope you'll enjoy the pics. Don't hesitate and feel free to leave comments or constructive criticisms.


dimanche 16 octobre 2016

Diorama: The Cutie and the Beast - part 2: the base

Hey all,

Again... it's been too long since I posted something... busy life apologies.

I managed too find some time these two last week to tackle the last part of my dio with the Mercedes L4500A and the Simca. I built the base of the dio using foam board for the cobblestones road and plaster mixed with water, withe glue, paint and pastel powder for the earth. The road sign is scratched from balsa wood and plastic card, the grass (see: how to make grass), the plants and the flowers are home made. The cat is a reference from Mantis Miniatures.

Stay tuned: next week I'll finish the dio by fixing the vehicules and some accessories.

Here are some pics: