dimanche 25 mai 2014

Mercedes L4500A - part 4 (Chipping with acrylics)

Hey everyone,

Here's a small update on the big German truck. I used Vallejo paints to rework the first chips that I achieved with the hairspray (HS) technique on the cargo bed and to chip the cab and chassis of the big lady.
Next step: waethering with oils!

Here are some pics:


mercredi 7 mai 2014

Modelforce 2014 - Helchteren Belgium: photoreport

Hello dear readers,

I went last sunday to the Modelforce 2014 show in Helcheteren. Organisation and atmosphere were perfect. There were many models in competition as regards the category Military Vehicles but only a few ones in the "Diorama" category. I also noticed that there were less models than the two last years in the figures category. Anyway, the show was really pleasant to attend and was again a good occasion to meet again a good friend modeller, Danny Jeurissen  and other people with whom we had interesting conversations. Amongst those people were the Van Dyck familly (father and son) who produce and sell homemade quality small (1/144th) tin soldiers. Their website is really worth a visit, have a look: vandyckmodelsandfigurines.be   Their new WWI figures and models look very promising and detail is so sharp that they could easily compete against some some larger big scale figures!!!!!

I took part to the competition with my Flakvierling in Military Vehicle category and with the dio "En Route pour Dunkerque" in the Diorama category, both at the advanced level. Both models got awarded: the Flakvierling got silver and the dio got gold + a special prize from the French club of La Hem whose president kindly offered me an abonnement of one year to the Steelmaster magazine! Thank you very much La Hem!!!

Enough talking... here are some pics! ENJOY!

First three pics of the Van Dyck's familly stunning 1/144th figures:

And here some pics of the contest: