dimanche 20 mai 2012

Polish TKS tankette with 20 mm FK cannon – 10th Cavalry Brigade (The Black Brigade) – Tom Modellbau 1/35th (update)

Hey, I promised update soon but it lasted a bit longer than expected since I couldn't resist detailling a bit more this tiny tankette.
Here are some pics of the model completely built. I drilled out the end of the exhaust and the end of the barrel, I added some rivets with plastic card and a punch and die set, I replaced the plastic handles with copper wire, I made the support of the spare wheel and some hinges out of plastic card, I enhanced some details with foil sheet (coming for a wine bottle) and last but not least, I made a completely new barrel out of plastic rod since the one that was in the box was far too short (see the pics). This is actually the most deceiving part of the kit: I think the special look of this tankette comes from its rather long barrel compared to its tiny size and the one that is included in the box is really too short... Actually I think the barrel that is provided looks more like the prototype armed with the Solothurn gun which was much shorter than the 20 mm FK cannon.
I know the model is still not perfect and doesn't match 100% the reference drawings I have found but this was meant to be a quick little project to relax a bit from other more demanding projects so...

Next step: painting

4 commentaires:

  1. Mooie vorderingen Tish als ook de barrel geeft onmiddellijk een meerwaarde aan het voertuig en als je een punch and die set voor handen hebt kan je nog meer details toevoegen,doe zo verder man we blijven zeker volgen...

    1. THX voor het volgen Danny! Ik heb deze avond de eerste laag primer gespoten. Morgen zal het tijd voor de tweede worden en ik zal dan in de loop van de week nog foto's van het begin van het schilderen publiceren.

  2. Dat ziet er strak uit...clean build!

    Greetz Nico

  3. THX Nico! Leuk dat je ook meevolgt!