lundi 9 mai 2016

Diorama: The Cutie and the Beast - part 1: the second figure

Hey dear readers,

As I said about a week ago, I'm back on my workbench and motivated to finish the projects that are waiting on shelf for too long.

The first project that I plan to finish is the dio featuring the Mercedes L4500A and the Simca 5. I've just finished painting the second figure of the dio: "Fraülein Frieda", a nachrichtenhelferin (German female auxiliary in the radio transmission service). The figure is from Aurora Model and is cast in white metal. The fig is well cast and quite original but quite expensive (I paid it about 20,00€ in a fair) and, to me, the face is a bit soft on details and looks a bit too much like a Manga character. Anyway, I nevertheless do recommend this brand for their original subject mostly based on female figures. Some are pure "what if" figures that can be used for a Berlin 1946 theme and others, like this one, are historically real subjects. Here's the link to their website: Aurora Models website.

The idea of the dio is to make this second figure look at the sky in the same direction as the first fig (the Mercedes' driver): Jabo or friend? I will load the cargo of the truck with the Simca and some other small accessories but this is for a next post.

Here are some pics of the helferin figure finished. It was entirely painted with acrylic colors from Vallejo for the uniform and the Lifecolor flesh set for the face and hands.

Comments and / or criticisms are welcome!


5 commentaires:

  1. Très zoolie fraülein ! Tu n'as vraiment pas perdu la main durant ton "absence", bravo Thierry.

  2. Héhé merci les gars! Les affaires reprennent ;-)
    J'au eu de l'entraînement depuis un an et demi: plafonnage, enduisage, ponçage, peinture et saignées ont été mon quotidien à l'échelle 1:1. Finalement le modélisme c'est juste la même chose avec des outils plus petits et... c'est plus agréable ;-)

  3. ça y est, notre Thierry a repris sa vitesse de croisère
    content de voir ça a notre prochaien rencontre ;)

    1. Oui oui les affaires reprennent :-) Aujourd'hui j'ai même attaqué les accessoires! Faut que je termine ce dio avant juin!!!! Et puis à vous voir tous sortir des pièces de fou depuis plus d'un an et moi NADA... ben ça motive!