samedi 28 juillet 2012

Staghound Mk.I - Brigade Piron (1st Belgian Brigade)

Hello everyone,

This is the last project I just finished: a Staghound Mk. I from the 1st Belgian Brigade (Brigade Piron). This is the Italeri kit with resin stowage and smoke dischargers from Resicast. The figures are from Alpine and the street accessories from Miniart excepted the street lamp which comes from a really old Tamiya set. The pavement and the paved road are scratchbuilt following the technique described in Art of Modelling n°19.
This particular Staghound (F215464) was the only Staghound that the Brigade possessed when they landed in Normandy on the 8th of August 1944 (along with 2 Staghound AA) and was used as a communication vehicule, this resulting in a factice gun in order to have more space in the turret to fit the radios. Most of the other armoured cars were Daimlers and Scout Cars. 
The scene depicted here was inspired by a picture that was taken on the 4th of September 1944 during the liberation of Brussels and that I saw on the official website of the Brigade Piron ( This website is really worth a visit and you can find a lot of information (and pictures) about the history, the organisation, the campaigns, the men and equipment of the 1st Belgian Brigade. The webmaster of this site, Jean-Louis Marichal, is the grandson of a veteran of the Brigade and made this site to pay a tribute to these men. 
Before going on to the pictures, I wish to thank M. Jean-Louis Marichal and the volunteer workers from the "Musée Royal de l'Armée" in Brussels who provided me pictures and precious informations that helped me in the realisation of this project. As you can realise, it is harder to find information about the armoured vehicules of the 1st Belgian Brigade than about Shermans or Panzers in Normandy... I wonder why  ; )

I hope you'll enjoy these pics!

Happy modelling!

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  1. Congratulations Thierry,c'est magnifique

  2. I like it very much....Well done Thierry...:)

  3. Schitterend mooi dio Thierry als ook de afwerking er van,de twee figuren passen perfect bij het geheel met deze pak je zeker goud weg...

  4. Hey guys, glad you like the dio! THX for the nice comments and THX for following the posts on my blog... It's encouraging to have such nice comments!

    To 6Q: Tu parles français?

    To Danny: Bedankt voor de mooie woorden! Deze pak ik zeker mee naar de Plastic en Steel 2012 show en naar Modelforce 2013! Ik hoop dat we elkaar nog op één van deze shows zullen ontmoeten...

  5. Very nice build. You have a great blog and I will be following you.

  6. Hey THX for visiting my blog, you're always welcome!

  7. Great painting and weathering on the staghound and a very nice base.
    I'm impressed by your figures. Very well done!


    1. Hey, THX for passing by and for the nice comments Bruno! You've got some great stuff on your blog too. I subscribed to it in order to follow your posts.

  8. Bonjour Thierry ! Excellent travail sur ce Staghound. Le mien a hélas fini à la poubelle... Je me suis inscrit à ton blog pour te suivre avec grand intérêt (merci d'avoir fait de même). En espérant un jour avoir ton niveau, je te souhaite une bonne continuation !

  9. Salut Alex, merci pour les commentaires que tu as laissés sur mes posts! Juste une petite question: tu dis que ta stag a fini à la poubelle mais pour quelle raison?????????????

  10. Interesting diorama idea! I was thinking about similar diorama with 1st Polish Division in Breda. I guess figures are from Alpine?

    1. Hey Wojtek,

      THX for visiting my blog. Glad you like the idea. I also prefer "exotic" or less known subjects to more common topics.
      The figures are indeed from Alpine, they're beautifully sculpted and look really natural. It's a good choice to accompany this model.
      I wish you good luck with your project. Please send me the link or pics when you've finished it. I'll be glad to see it.