jeudi 7 septembre 2017

Belgian Renault ACG1 – Renault ACG1 belge DIORAMA FINISHED

Hey everyone,

Finally after three years and three months since I opened the box of this model and started working on it I managed to find the time to finish the whole project! I'm quite happy about how it turned out and I would like to thank BLITZ KITS for making such exotic and original models. Here are some pics. Feel free to comment. I will take the model this sunday at the KMK Scaleworld show in Mol (Belgium).


6 commentaires:

  1. Salut Thierry
    Merci pour ce petit coin de Belgique. Une superbe réalisation ou l'on reconnait ton coup de patte habituel. Bravo mon ami.

  2. Well worth all the time spent on this looks amazing.

    1. THX a lot Pete. I did other things in these three years like renovating a house and finishing the Mercedes L4500A with the Simca but still... I seemed like the whole project took 10 years LOL