samedi 14 septembre 2013

KMK Scaleworld 2013: Photoreport

Hey dear readers,

KMK Scaleworld 2013 took place last week in Mol (Belgium). The competition level was quite high, the show was really well organised and the most important part: I met some great people and a bunch of friends from the Blogger community. The day was really too short to attend all demo's by Wilder, Rinaldi and Per Olav but I managed to have a beer or two with Alex (Alex' blog), Jean-Charles (Jean-Charles' blog) , Max (Max' bolg), Dominique,Danny  (Danny's bolg) and Laurent  (Laurent's blog) with whom I obviously share the same concept of our great hobby: having fun and sharing some thoughts and tips about building, painting and weathering in a relaxed atmosphere!

Here are some pics! Enjoy!