lundi 9 juillet 2012

How to make grass in 1/35th scale?

Hello everyone,

Since the project I'm working on now requires some grass on its base I decided to share with you step by step the method I use to simulate it. The advantages of this method are the following: it is cheap, you can choose the length and the color of the grass that you wish and it only needs some basic tools that most modellers already own. The big disadvantage is that it is a REALLY time consuming method... so if you want to make a lot of grass be prepared to spend some hours on this...

This first pic shows you the final result and the following pics are a step by step guide to achieve this.

These are all the tools and materials that you need: white glue, rope, acrylic paint, pigments, water, an old brush, a thin brush, a drilling tool (+ eventually a pointy tool) and tweezers.

Take a piece of rope and make knots in it.

Take the rope behind a knot.

Comb the rope with a pointy tool or with your tweezers so that you get a lot of tiny filaments.

Cut the rope behind every knot and paint every piece of it with diluted acrylic paint.

Dry all the pieces on kitchen paper in order to reach a variation in the color used thanks to absorption of various amount of paint by the kitchen paper.

Once dried, comb the pieces again with a pointy tool.

Drill little holes in the base (which I often make from isolation foam on which I spread a mixture af sand, paint, pigments, water and wall filler).

With a thin brush pour a mixture of water, white glue and pigments in the little holes. Then, with your tweezers, press the pieces of grass in the base. Once in place, add eventually a bit more of the white glue mixture mentionned hereabove.

Here is the result once the whole base is covered with grass.

To add more variation in the color of the grass, spray some color with an airbrush. I used some buff here to simulate the kind of grass that you can see around september in Europe.

I also drilled holes in the base and used the white glue mixture to fix some more vegetation from Joefix Studio. This base will be used for the TKS that is undergoing the last step of weathering and which is almost finished.

I hope you enjoyed this step by step guide and wish it can eventually help you for the realisation of one of your projects.

Happy modelling!

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  1. He Thierry zeer mooie en zeer interessante tutorial laat je hier zien.
    Breng je dit voertuig mee naar KMK scaleworld.

  2. THX Danny!
    Op 8 september ga ik trouwen en ik zal dus op 9 september op KMK Scaleworld niet aanwezig kunnen zijn .... ;)
    MAAR ik zal ongetwijfeld naar Plastic & Steel 2012 (IPMS National Convention) op 6 en 7 okober in Afligem komen. Ik ben er verleden jaar geweest en het was een heel goede show. Verleden jaar had ik niet aan de wedstrijd meegemaakt maar ik zal dit jaar 2 of 3 modellen meebrengen.
    Anders ga ik waarschijlijk op 18 of 19 augustus naar Mons (Bergen) gaan voor de "Air-Terre-Mer" show en misschien op 1 of 2 oktober naar Brugge voor de "Hobby Time" show.

  3. Gefeliciteerd Thierry met j toekomstig huwelijk,maak van 8 september een super mooie dag van en feliciteer u toekomstig vrouwtje van me...

    1. Bedankt Danny ik zal het haar zeggen! Dit is ook één van de redenen waarom ik op deze blog momenteel niet veel publiceer... het organiseren van de huwelijk neemt veel tijd in beslag! Maar dit is wel de moeite waard ; )
      Als je soms van plan bent om naar de show in Affligem te gaan of naar een andere bovenvermelde show... aarzel niet en geef een seintje!

  4. You have finally answered to one of the major questions I was banging my head on! This tutorial is simply perfect and priceless, since it doesn't cost anything ! Thanks so much for this !

  5. Respect from hungary! Great works!
    Check out my blog, i have a few models/dioramas too :).

    Have a nice day!

    1. Hey Reggio,

      THX for visiting my blog. I went om yours but how can I subscribe?


  6. Salut,
    très interresante ta technique de l'herbe. je vais essayeé de la reproduire sur un dio quand j'aurait fini mon Gigant.


    1. Hello Jean-Charles,
      je trouve cette méthode très simple, bon marché et assez convaincante MAIS, c'est long trèèèèèèèèèèèèès long : )


  7. Salut,
    très long, on verra, je suis patient.