dimanche 23 juillet 2017

Belgian Renault ACG1 – Renault ACG1 belge (diorama part 2 - the tank officer)

Hey everyone,

A little update of the dio in progress. I finished the painting of the Belgian tank officer and installed him in the turret of the tank. Its a figure from Blitz Kit that come with the kit when you buy theBelgian version of the Renault ACG1 tank. It was a very brillant idea from Blitz since Belgian soldiers figures are quite hard to fin. Thank you for this Blitz Kit! I hope you'll make other WWI or WWII Belgian vehicules and figures (here are some ideas: Minerva armored car, Latil M2TL6, Brossel TAL, C47, T13 :-)) ! It was entirey painted with acrylics (Lifecolor and Vallejo).

Enjoy the pics!


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